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Enjoy a whole host of benefits from window tinting in your home, auto, or place of business. Discover how tinting can improve your life. We have installation offices in both Cartersville and Rome, Georgia

Keep Glare out of the Office

You’ll find there are a whole host of benefits to tinting your business windows, from protecting valuables to reducing utility bills. You also get a great, fashionable look with business tinting and so much more!

Cool Car Interiors

Your auto can benefit from tinting in many ways. Not only will it keep out intruders, but it keeps your interior cool during the hot summer months and provides you with privacy. Get the best shading solutions for your car.

Protect Interior Colors

Make upholstery and wall-paper colors last longer with affordable tinting for your home windows from Suntamers. High quality tinting is a crucial investment for protecting your furniture and lowering utilities.

Sunscape Window Film Helps Homeowner Combat Heat & Glare

This homeowner was battling a significant heat and glare issue in this beautiful home. They wanted to retain the look and views through the numerous windows in their house, but they needed to address reducing the heat coming through the glass and the uncomfortable... read more

Five Ways Window Film Can Improve Your Facility

This is a quick read and a great article that was just published in Facility Executive Magazine on ways that window films can be used to improve your facility. The article hits on several of the key ways that Suntamers helps our commercial clients integrate window... read more