Fast Affordable Window Tinting, Shades and Solar Insert Services in Cartersville, GA

Suntamers window tinting is a full-service window tint, shade and solar insert shop, located in Cartersville, GA. Since 1992, Suntamers has served an area from Rome to Marietta and all of the cities and counties in between. We specialize in all types of window film, shades and solar inserts. Whether you are looking to protect your vehicle, boat, home or office, we sell several major brands of film as well as solar shades and inserts.

Latest News

Five Ways Window Film Can Improve Your Facility

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Protect and Enhance Your Home While You Save Energy

Glass, a beautiful feature in our daily surroundings; adds exciting elements to home styles, creates space and brings natural light to our every day environment. But all that glass has its price – allowing in the Sun’s damaging UV radiation, annoying glare, excessive... read more