It’s the age-old question: what to get someone for Christmas? The holidays are a time for family, fun and cheer, but for many, it’s also a time of hand-wringing and nail-biting. We have all found ourselves wracking our brains to figure out what to buy for that special someone in our lives. Can we suggest something that may have never crossed your mind? Give the gift of tint!

We spend hours upon hours in our vehicles. The automobile is the ultimate symbol of individual freedom. It represents the ability to get out and go whenever and wherever we want. Whether we are dropping off our kids, heading off to school, meeting friends to tailgate before the big game, driving home after a long day at the office or heading to the beach for summer vacation, our cars are an extension of our daily lives. Even the most base-model car comes with a decent sound system and options to link with our smartphones and personal music devices, to help make our aural experience better when driving to and fro. We have cushioned seats, cup holders, air, heat, storage compartments and accessory outlets, all meant to provide comfort and convenience to drivers.

So, why wouldn’t you do something to protect the interior from damaging UV rays while removing the sun’s glare?

The Suntamers now has gift certificates available for this holiday season. It’s the perfect gift for someone who drives all the time. We provide varying degrees of tint and they will all provide significant reductions in both UV radiation and radiant heat from getting into the vehicle.

For the moms and dads who shuttle kids all around town, adding a darker tint to the rear windows can keep those rays from blinding infants and toddlers. And, once the kids are old enough to start playing with all of the available handheld devices, they will not have to battle the glare of those same rays.

Not only does tint help keep your car cool, but also it just looks cool, too! And, there is also an added benefit of keeping your possessions free from prying eyes. With a reflective tint added to your windows, it becomes more difficult for thieves to see if there in anything inside the vehicle worth breaking a window to steal.

cropped-10350508_720571467981710_7014599377740395155_n.jpgCome by today and we can go through all of the benefits of adding tint to your car, truck, SUV or minivan. We use some of the highest quality tint available in the industry and have the experience and training to get it done right and get you quickly on your way. Get a gift certificate today for the ultimate stocking-stuffer for the driver(s) in your life.

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