WindowTintonCarOver the last few months, we’ve made a point of going through all of the benefits of adding a quality tint to the windows in your car, truck, van, SUV and boat. We’ve talked about blocking harmful UV rays, explained how it adds to the safety of your possessions, keeps glass pieces from flying in the event of an accident and reduces the amount of heat that will transfer into the vehicle. All of these are true and all are very good reasons to have your car’s glass tinted.

2009-wrangler-unlimited-suv_01But, let’s face it, getting a great tint job on your car is super cool, too! Whether on super-stretch limousines, a convoy of Presidential SUVs or the suped-up racers in movies like Furious 7 or Need for Speed, Hollywood knows that any car with shiny, black windows looks bad ass. It can convey a hot, sexy ride or a tough-as-nails mean machine. When we see those cars racing across the screen, we begin to imagine ourselves behind the wheel, playing out the part of the hero charging to the rescue or a accomplishing a daring escape. Then we leave the theater only to see how dull and boring the clear glass makes our own car look.

No, we are not advocating anyone should go tearing down the road, breaking the law in some Mad Max-esque imagined world, but, with a complete window tint job, it’s still fun to imagine you could if our world fell into total anarchy. Why not treat yourself to something that will not only add all the benefits described above to your ride, but also shows everyone around you that you have a really cool car?

There are several grades and shades of tint and we stock only the best quality in all of them. We have the skill and experience to do the job right (no bubbles, tears or uneven tint jobs here!) and will convince those around you that you spent a lot more than you actually did. Come see us today and let us show you just how cool we can make your ride, both to the eye and for those sitting inside.

We have locations in both Rome, Ga and Cartesrville, Ga, to cover all of NW Georgia. Contact The Suntamers today!