slide-fMost approach the subject of having window tint applied to their vehicle, home or office are thinking in terms of looks or reducing heat. Let’s face it, sleek, dark, reflective windows on your ride just adds a level of “cool”, both literally and figuratively. Similarly, an office building with a consistent, reflective look has a high-tech, almost sci-fi feel to it. There is no doubt, the decorative aspects of window tinting is what draws many to seek out our company. However, there are some added benefits to tinting your windows, which can actually promote safety and, in some cases, may even protect your health.

The media is already gearing up with excitement and anticipation for Hurricane Ericka to hit the United States, with predictions it may come up through Florida out of the Caribbean. Gale force winds, flying debris, the potential of spun off tornadoes further inland, all add to create images of torn roof lines, broken trees, flipped automobiles and shattered glass.

One of the ways window tinting can provide a significant amount of safety during a natural disaster relates to that last image — broken glass. Choosing the correct tint for your home or building, especially if you live in areas prone to natural disasters, means you have applied an adhesive shield on all of the glass that surrounds you. The tint will work to hold the broken shards of glass together to keep them from flying around the room. This also applies to the windows in your car should you be in an accident.

Another area we’ve mentioned before relates to burglary. Last month, we discussed how adding window tint to your vehicle may help to discourage the would-be smash-and-grab thief from breaking into your car because they cannot easily determine if you have anything inside worth stealing. Well, the same applies for your home or office. The tint can not only help “hide” what lies inside a particular room or work area, but also provides a layer of strength to the glass, making shattering it more difficult.

Continuing to look at some of the health and safety benefits of adding window tint to your car, home or office, we look again at its ability to block harmful, cancer-causing UV rays. Constant exposure to these rays can lead to melanoma, which is a cancer of the skin. By protecting yourself from the constant bombardment of the sun’s rays, you will help to reduce the risk of this skin cancer.

And, though less severe than a discussion of cancer, window tint on your automobile can help reduce the glare of the sun’s rays directed into your eyes. With so many laws against distractions in the car like texting, talking on the phone or programming your GPS, there are none designed to prevent poor visibility, which is cited as one of the leading contributors to car accidents on the roadway. By choosing an appropriate tint and getting a quality installation, you can reduce the limitations in visibility related to road glare.

As we conclude, note how we often talk about choosing the correct tint is what will provide the many benefits detailed above. There are those who will want to find the least expensive tint available, but understand that lesser quality materials will not provide all of the benefits we’ve discussed. The oft quoted phase, “You get what you pay for,” is just as true for window tint as with anything else. We can take you through all of the various products available and we will consult with you to find one that provides the most bang for your buck. Our goal is to make sure we not only give you the aesthetically pleasing look a tinted window can provide, but also to insure we have addressed your safety and health concerns as well. Contact us today at our Cartersville or Rome locations for a free consultation today.