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Increase EV – Hybrid Range With Automotive Window Tint

One of the most common questions or concerns when in comes to electric vehicles EVs and hybrids is the range. A recent article in TorqueNews written by Peter Neilson entitled “Why Heat Kills MPG In Toyota Prius And What To Do About It” discusses why window... read more

Reduce Home Energy Usage With These 4 Easy Tips

The news recently has been filled with reports that home energy prices are expected to rise significantly this coming year. With these costs going up, it’s in everyone’s best interest to reduce the amount of energy we use. Not only do you reduce your carbon footprint... read more

Automotive Window Tint Myths – 3 Truths Versus Fiction

As we interact with customers that have questions about window tint, we realize that there are some automotive window tint myths that need to be dispelled. In this article, we discuss 3 common myths and give you the truth. 3 Automotive Window Tint Myths Dispelled... read more

How To Upgrade Home Windows Without Replacing Them

Did you know that Energy.Gov states that 30% of a home’s heating and cooling costs can be lost through windows that are not energy efficient? With home fuel costs going through the roof, you may be considering the purchase of energy-efficient replacement windows.... read more

Car Window Tint – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

As we interact with clients, we often get asked the same or very similar questions about car window tint. As a result, to help answer some of those questions, we thought we would create this post with some frequently asked questions and the answers. Automotive Window... read more

Car Window Tint Information Discussed by Kelley Blue Book

Trusted resource Kelley Blue Book recently published a post on automotive window tint entitled “7 Things to Know About Car Window Tinting“. The article introduces this car window tint information by saying “Car window tinting can give a stylish look... read more

Automotive Window Tint Benefits Are Beyond Just The Looks

We wanted to summarize an article in the Times Square Chronicles about five automotive window tint benefits that go beyond just looks. We thought you might find this interesting as improving a vehicle’s appearance is what most people think of regarding car tint.... read more