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What are Window Films and How Can They Be Used?

The Basics In simple terms, window films are comprised of a thin, strong sheet of polyester laminate that is treated in variety of ways to improve the look or performance of existing windows when applied. Typically, the film is applied to the interior surface of... read more

Pros and Cons: New Home Windows Versus Window Film Retrofit

We came across this great article on the Easy Energy Saving Tips website and thought we would share some of what it said. The article primarily focuses on the pros and cons of installing new windows in your home versus having a professional window film retrofit done.... read more

Seven Noteworthy Benefits of Utilizing Home Window Films

We recently came across an article published by Proud Green Home that discussed how home window films could make your house more energy efficient. However, in addition to energy efficiency, the article mentioned six additional noteworthy benefits of utilizing home... read more

How to Make Older Home Windows More Energy Efficient

Whether we like it or not, it is Back to School season and Summer is coming to an end. Now is the best time to begin considering home improvements to make your house more energy efficient before the cooler temperatures arrive. One of the best ways to improve energy... read more

Check Out These Top Benefits of Residential Window Tinting

Residential window tinting can be a very cost-effective way to reduce energy, minimize glare, protect your furnishings and increase the security of your home. The best part is that this film can typically be done as a retrofit to your existing windows with very little... read more

Glass Is One of the Greatest School Safety Vulnerabilities

It is an unfortunate thing that school safety has become a mainstay in the news. It becomes difficult to discuss school security and student safety strategies without appearing to have an agenda or be trying to sell something. With that being said, we feel that it is... read more

How to Choose Whether Vehicle Window Tinting is Right for You

Wondering whether vehicle window tinting is right for you? That is a great question, and hopefully this handy infographic from the Madico Window Films will help you decide if it is. Tinting your vehicle’s windows can block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet... read more