Six reasons you should consider tinting your car

Suntamers Window Tinting in Cartersville since 1992

Why talk about window tinting in the middle of winter? Because, even if the temperatures are cold, the UV rays of the sun are still doing damage to your vehicle’s upholstery. Something else to consider: because others are putting off their window tinting until the spring or summer, you are assured a quick turn-around time at either of our two convenient locations in Cartersville and Rome.

So, why should you get your car windows tinted? At The Suntamers, we can show you that window tint does far more than just darken glass and protect your interior. It can add to your privacy, protect you and your passengers from shattering glass, improve your driving and keep you cooler and healthier.

Protects Your Interior

CarInteriorThe heat and ultraviolet (UV) radiation from direct sunlight will dramatically age and eventually damage your car’s upholstery well before your final car payment is made. Adding automotive tint will reflect almost all of the damaging rays from reaching the interior of your vehicle, while also reducing the heat that causes leather, plastic and wood to warp, fade or crack.

Reduces Interior Temperature

BlockingHeatandUVChoosing the right window tint can actually reduce the heat buildup inside an enclosed vehicle by as much at 60%, dramatically reducing the toll taken by the fabrics and materials used inside the car. While driving, this will also aid in keeping that summer sweat from building up on your back and under your legs when trapped in rush-hour traffic.

Keeps Your Belongings Hidden from Prying Eyes

KeepingPrivateAdding the appropriate automotive tint to your vehicle will make it much more difficult for prying eyes to see if there is anything worth stealing. Police often recommend to never leave anything tempting sitting in plain site because of the ease of smash-and-grab robberies. But, do you want to have to always take time to gather up all of your belongings, open your trunk and stash them away every time you go somewhere? Though never a guarantee in stopping a would-be burglar, more often than not those criminal types will choose the sure thing over the unknown.

Prevents Glass from Shattering

ShatteredCarWindowIn the event of an accident or an object hitting your window, having quality automotive tint professionally installed will help to keep the glass from shattering on impact. Automotive tint acts like a secure skin on the inside of the window, helping to keep even the smallest shards of glass from getting to you or your passengers.

Aids in Making You a Better and Safer Driver

SunoncarHow can window tint make you a better or safer driver? How many times have you found yourself feeling blinding by the sun’s rays hitting you right in your eyes or bouncing off the rear window of the car you are following? Being partially blinded on the roadway is not just annoying, it’s a recipe for disaster. You won’t have to take one hand off the wheel to try to shield your eyes or resort to closing one eye while squinting the other if you have had your car window’s tinted appropriately.

Keeps Your Skin Healthy

HealthySkinMuch like the damage UV rays do to your car’s interior, those same rays are hitting any exposed skin while you are driving your car. Most commuters spend up to an hour trapped in rush-hour traffic twice a day. That’s 10 hours of UV exposure and it’s doubtful anyone thinks to add sunscreen after a long day at the office. By tinting your vehicle, you will reduce up to 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays, keeping you and your family’s skin happy and healthy.

Now that you’ve had a chance learn about the added benefits of window tint, it’s time to make your appointment today to have a quality automotive tint professionally applied to your vehicle. Don’t wait for the summer when you can get it done today.