Add beauty and elegance to complement the interior decor

Sheer Weave

Ideal for restaurants, hotels, offices, sunrooms, residences and more.

SheerWeave interior sun control fabrics offer an exciting new alternative to ordinary window coverings. The design possibilities are limited only by your imagination. SheerWeave fabrics add beauty and elegance to complement the interior decor while enhancing the quality of light at the window.

The unique light-filtering qualities of SheerWeave fabrics help reduce the fading of drapes, carpets and other interior furnishings, while continuing to offer a view to the outside.

A Whisper of Light and Color

Enhances even the most sophisticated decorating schemes
Choose from a variety or colors and weaves
Allows natural light to enter
SheerWeave filters out heat and glare, while allowing the natural light to enter. Unlike many fabrics, SheerWeave fabrics allow outward visibility even when closed
Adds a clean and textured look
Rich, supple texture of SheerWeave gives a clean and classic look to windows
Maintenance free
Only an occasional cleaning is required, using a mild detergent, brushing and rinsing
All shades are custom made within one week, using state-of-the-art components

Ball bearing spring controls or bead chain & clutch
Enamel baked steel or aluminum tubing
Electric motors and remote controls
Blackout shades, side channels and fascia
Choice of hem bar or fabric pocket
Lifetime warranty on all components – Meets flammability requirements



Energy-Saving solar screening – The Affordable Exterior Shading

Physical Advantages of Sunscreen

Beauty and Privacy – During the daytime, Sunscreen appears virtually opaque from the outside while permitting natural light and visibility for people on the inside.

Attractive Building Exteriors – SunScreen oftentimes enhances building appearances, lending a look of architectural uniformity. Sunscreen is available in a variety of colors to harmonize with architectural designs.

Reduces Fading – Penetration of ultraviolet radiation to the interior is significantly reduced.

Insect Protection – The mesh of SunScreen’s unique weave is designed to replace regular insect screening.
Works with windows open or closed – Since SunScreen is normally installed outside the window, it performs equally with windows open or closed … an important factor in summer months. The open mesh of sunscreen allows cool breezes to flow through.

Mylar Window Shades

Transparent Solar Control

Ideal for retail stores, convenience stores, gas stations, car dealers, drive-up windows, airports, restaurants and more.

Control Heat – Glare – Fading with see-through solar control window shades

A see through shade from Madico; use it when you need it to keep out the sun’s hot rays. In cooler weather, leave it up to let in warm winter sun and drawn at night to keep inside heat from escaping.

Features of using transparent solar control:

  • An invisible layer of metal reflects up to 74% of the sun’s heat
  • Reduces annoying glare by 90%
  • Stops damaging ultraviolet light

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