Auto Window Tinting

Keep Your Auto Interiors Safe From the Sun

Automobile Window Tinting in Cartersville, Georgia

When you invest in auto tinting through Suntamers, you are choosing the highest level of expertise for one of your biggest investments. Get the best protection your money can buy and a stylish new look with Suntamers.

Fast and Affordable Installations

Choose Suntamers for your auto tinting installation from world-class technicians backed by a lifetime warranty. Your vehicle will look like it was made with the tint right off the factory line.

Auto Tint Benefits to You:

  • UV rays blocked to prevent fading
  • Glare reduction for a safer ride
  • Blocks out heat for comfort
  • Added privacy
  • Keeps glass together when damaged
  • Many shades available
  • Expert installation
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Classic look
  • Tint your RV and boat windows too!

Enjoy Extra Deals!

You can get scratch guard for low price of $50, which will give you an added 2 year warranty against any scratches on your tint.

You may also be interested in door edge protection film. You’ll find that it is much like our tinted film, but clear. Your door edge will be protected against paint chips,

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