Spring Has Sprung, Time to Tint Your Car

Suntamers Window Tinting in Cartersville since 1992

cropped-1748909_251x62.pngHere in Northwest Georgia, we are enjoying the beginning of Spring! From downtown Cartersville to Acworth and Rome to Dallas, The Suntamers have been tinting cars, homes and businesses for decades! The days will continue to get longer, the nights will be shorter and rising temperatures will bring everything back to life. With installation locations in both Cartersville and Rome, Georgia, we have the convenience and ability to get your car windows tinted quickly, affordably and with the quality you deserve.

To understand the nature of window tinting and why it provides benefits beyond a sleek look, it’s important to understand some of the terminology we use. When selecting a product to use, keep these different elements in mind:

BlockingHeatandUVTotal Solar Energy: all the energy in the solar spectrum that reaches us on the earth’s surface. This includes UV-A and B, Visible light, and Infrared energy. Heat often refers to the total solar energy.

  • Total Solar Energy – Transmitted: the amount of total solar energy that passes through the glass into the building or vehicle.
  • Total Solar Energy – Reflected: the amount of total solar energy that is reflected off of the glass and directed back outside. This energy does not come inside the structure.
  • Total Solar Energy – Absorbed: the amount of total solar energy that is absorbed in the glass. This heats up the glass, making it hotter to the touch and radiates a small amount of heat back into the room. The majority of absorbed energy is kept out of the room though.

Visible Light: the portion of the solar spectrum containing visible light we can see, contains all the colors of the spectrum.

The Suntamers works within the legal standards to provide customers with a basic understanding of all the various tint ratings and values. We want to make sure our customers understand that regardless of which windows they want us to tint, they have a complete picture in order to make their decision.

Contact us today at either one of our locations for an estimate or to schedule a time to have your vehicle tinted. You can also hit us up through our Facebook page. Call 770-386-6170 for both our Cartersville and Rome locations. Or swing by 7 Fairfield Street, Cartersville or 602 Decatur Street, Rome. Our hours of operation are as follows:

Monday to Friday – 9:30am – 5:30pm
Saturday – *by appointment*
Sunday – Closed

When you invest in auto tinting through The Suntamers, you are choosing the highest level of expertise for one of your biggest investments. Get the best protection your money can buy and a stylish new look with The Suntamers.