Keep Your Cool with Window Films this Summer

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With the hot Summer months upon us, this is a great article from Easy Energy Saving Tips website that discusses how window films can be used to prevent excess heat from entering your home or commercial space through the glass. The highlights of how window films can help you beat the Summer heat are as follows:

  • Heat Rejecting Window Films – Approximately 40 percent of a home’s heat comes through its windows. By bouncing solar energy back and away from the interior, window films provide a home or other building with a “solar shield,” cutting cooling costs by as much as 30 percent.
  • Keeping It Light – While almost any window film will provide heat rejection, today’s modern, high quality window films filter out damaging UV rays yet still allow visible light to penetrate the film’s surface. Although heat-causing solar energy is reflected back outside, creating energy savings, light is allowed to penetrate the film, preserving interior aesthetics. Not to mention preserving the enjoyment of beautiful views!
  • Additional Advantages – Aside from its heat rejection capabilities, window film offers a number of valuable benefits. First, it protects occupants from damaging UV rays and the glare that leads to eye fatigue. These same films allow more natural light to filter through and help reduce the need for artificial lighting. Second, window film helps to eliminate hot spots within a space, regulating the temperature and eliminating the need to run the air conditioning as frequently.

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