Adding Residential Window Tint Could Be your Biggest Cost-Savings Move

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A study published by the nonprofit International Window Film Association (IWFA) showed professionally installed window film is the most cost-effective answer for Florida residents when compared to other energy saving home improvement initiatives, such as upgrading insulation, air sealing or installing new air conditioning or heat pumps. While this study was focused primarily on Florida, it would be hard to argue that Georgia doesn’t have its fair share of hot summers. After all, we do call it Hot-lanta, right?

Considering the rising costs in energy, home-owners should consider the various tinting options available for their home windows. Whether darkening your windows or just adding a transparent layer of film, home window tints are designed to repel up to 99% of UV rays and 79% of solar heat. When properly implemented, home owners could see an overall savings of as much as 30 percent to their summer cooling bills, while at the same time allowing in natural light without the negative impact of harsh glare and potentially dangerous UV rays.

Interior of an Upscale HouseWhen determining the cost-effectiveness of residential window tint as a solution, the research study compared the energy efficiency of internal and external window films to:

  • Adding insulation to the attic
  • Replacing air conditioning equipment with more efficient new unit
  • Replacing heating equipment with a more efficient new unit (heat pump)
  • Air Sealing – sealing gaps in building envelope (walls, doors, around windows, etc.)

The study showed that internal and external window films save more energy per dollar spent than any of the other typical retrofit options. Window films are more effective than ceiling insulation, replacing mechanical equipment and air sealing.  Window films are 8 to 15 times more cost-effective than reducing the air infiltration of homes than any of the other methods home owners have used to reduce their cost of cooling their homes in the summer.  Window films are three times more cost effective than replacing the air conditioner.

Other benefits of home tinting include:

  • An increase in privacy
  • Adding a level of comfort
  • Extending the life of HVAC systems by reducing maintenance and strain on the system
  • Increasing safety for you and family
  • Keeping glass together if damaged
  • Increasing home value
  • Giving your interior / exterior a new look
  • Reducing glare to improve visibility inside, especially for computer and TV screens
  • Offering significant fade protection for furniture, carpets, woodwork, and other interior furnishings

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