Window Film In Restaurants Can Improve the Customer Experience

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We found this great article on the Easy Energy Saving Tips website about how the use of window film in a restaurant setting can make the space more comfortable and improve the customer experience. The two main points they made in the article are that window film do are as follows:

Window Film Make Customers More Comfortable

For many restaurants, having walls of windows provide sunshine and a beautiful view that’s alluring to customers. However, the heat and the glare that come with untreated windows can turn into a turn off.

Window Film Offers UV Protection

Your customers probably wouldn’t think to wear sunscreen indoors, so it’s fairly safe to assume they wouldn’t apply SPF 30 before dining inside your restaurant. But the sunlight streaming in that increases the ambiance also allows ultraviolet radiation in through the windows, which contributes to a person’s daily accumulation of sun exposure.

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